Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Timeline of the work in the next 4 weeks:
1. Today - 4th August
     Improve Location accuracy: This involves
  • Correcting orientation of the location trace when landmarks are encountered [ currently just the vector difference is added to the future values to correct the location].
  • Test with dummy landmarks entered into the database. These dummy landmarks are encountered when the "Tick" button is pressed along the trace.
  • Minimize error while turning or stationary. The pedometer algorithm seems to introduce a large error when the person is not walking. This will be done by detecting if the person is walking or not and accordingly decide to apply the algorithm or not.
2. 5th August - 11th August
    Build a desktop application to visualize the analytics got so far, for the mall owner
  • This involves going through all the images generated on the server by the landmarks generated.
  • Heat map of the mall according to the landmarks generated
  • Going through the comments / ratings left by the users at the various landmarks
3. 12th August - 18th August
  Implement Incremental Localization:
  • Currently the phone app does not maintain a session with the server
  • Instead of updating the information at the end of logging, it periodically logs the data with the server.
  • The server stores the result of each log and carries on as and when it receives the information
4. 19th August - 25th August
Push data to the phone
  • When the phone logs the data periodically, it receives a response regarding the comments/ ratings of the landmarks nearby.
  • A brief description of the offers/ discounts near the landmarks is also downloaded

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